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  • Media Files :
    • -   Oracles.eot
    • -   Oracles.otf
    • -   Oracles.ttf
    • -   Oracles.woff
    • -   OracleShadow.eot
    • -   OracleShadow.otf
    • -   OracleShadow.ttf
    • -   OracleShadow.woff
    • -   OraclesLine.eot
    • -   OraclesLine.otf
  • Extensions :
    • DescriptionThis font is perfect for the futuristic minimalist design enthusiast! It applies itself perfectly to logo designs, branding projects, posters, DVD covers, video game covers, and many more, covering a wide variety of niches. Furthermore, this font comes with a #039;Badge#039; that gives this already beautiful font an incredible sense of depth which is completely manipulatable! Change the color of the highlighted layer in a single click.Your download will include 4 PUAencoded font filesTo create the beautiful combination, start with Oracles Shadow (first layer as regular font), Oracles (second layer after Oracles Shadow), then Oracles Line (third layer after Oracles).There's also a bonus pack of badges (.Ai) included!